Need to upgrade your summer reading list? We’ve got brand new titles to see you through the season! Tap into our revealing previews to discover the latest releases from Brown Books, and find out what’s ahead for fall.


12 WORDS: THINK IT-FEEL IT-DO IT | In this “handbook for happiness,” mindset master Shirley Palmer gives readers the tools to transform their lives and become the best they can be. The key to mastering the game of life lies in twelve simple--yet powerful--words and in Palmer’s trademark motto for success: “Think It, Feel It, Do It”! OCTOBER 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


ALLIGATOR CREEK  | This compelling novel of historical fiction is the product of impressive research, and author Lottie Guttry illuminates the everyday lives of Civil War soldiers, as well as those who were left at home. Unfolding with great realism, the tale reveals the struggles and triumphs of a North Florida family fighting to uphold their faith and values as the landscape around them plunges into turmoil. OCTOBER 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


BAILEY’S REMARKABLE PLAN | A dog. A man. A miracle. In Bailey’s Remarkable Plan, David Hardiman shares his poignant story of struggle, prejudice, and pain. But this is also a story of perseverance, triumph, and love, and it will inspire you, inform you, and challenge you to feel compassion for those suffering silently among us because of circumstances beyond their control. FALL 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


BEHIND THE CURTAIN: A PEEK INSIDE LIFE FROM WITHIN THE ER | From Dr. Jeffrey Sterling’s many years at work in the ER comes a collection of his most memorable experiences. By turns hilarious, heartbreaking, and just plain bizarre, these incredible stories can all agree on one thing: in the emergency room, anything that can happen, will. JULY 2015 | ORDER NOW


JOURNEY TO PERSONAL GREATNESS: MIND, BODY & SOUL | Are you on the road to mediocrity, or are you on track to personal greatness? To guide your search for your personal power, Alvin Brown partners with you along the journey. He provides a blueprint for the path to life balance and self-mastery in Journey to Personal Greatness. SEPTEMBER 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


LINGER LONGER: Lessons from a Contemplative Life  | A weathered door handle. The face of a shorn ewe. A statue of the Buddha. These objects possess true meaning if framed in just the right way. They can fortify and motivate, and perhaps more importantly, they can tell us much about ourselves. Through Linger Longer, photographer and author Carol Mossa channels this philosophy, pairing her stunning images with insightful observations to bring healing and inspiration through the power of  pictures. JULY 2015 | ORDER NOW


WE ARE GENERATION Z: HOW IDENTITY, ATTITUDES, AND PERSPECTIVES ARE SHAPING OUR FUTURE | With Generation Z now poised to reach adulthood, their impact in the global arena will soon be felt. But what makes them tick? What are the issues that matter to them? The answers to these questions lie in understanding how their identity is forming, and the debut book from young author Vivek Pandit reveals what shapes the attitudes and perspectives of his generation. OCTOBER 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


XBOX REVISTED: A GAME PLAN FOR CORPORATE AND CIVIC RENEWAL | Since retiring from Microsoft, former Chief XBox Officer Robbie Bach has become a civic engineer dedicated to making a difference in the community. Now, he’s drawing upon lessons learned from the creation of the XBox and from the XBox team’s 3P framework--Purpose, Principles, and Priorities--to inspire readers to action as well. SEPTEMBER 2015 | PRE-ORDER NOW


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