Our anniversary celebration continues with even more revealing fanfare from inside the publishing industry! In honor of Brown Books' twenty-second birthday, we're sharing 22 strategic essentials for building long-term partnerships and a loyal readership.

Giving authors the secrets they need to succeed, we launched our two-part guide with 11 must-have tips for modern publishing, and now, we'll show you how to supercharge your publicity with advice from our founder and CEO, Milli Brown. Discover how to effectively synergize your book and brand through cross-promotion with the second chapter in our series, and revisit our first installment to find out how writers and entrepreneurs can realize their creative vision – and maintain control over their publications.


  • AUTHORS FIRST, ALWAYS: Whether working with one of the Big Five or through a niche company, writers deserve and desperately need cross-promotion in the existing industry climate. Since so many publishers still don't provide turnkey options, however, Brown Books filled the critical void by establishing a PR firm for all authors, regardless of their existing publishing affiliates. You read that right - we're actually helping our competitors by giving their clients access to The Agency at Brown Books (ABB) in an unprecedented effort to put authors first.
  • TELLING TRANSPARENCY: A spirit of collaboration is the cornerstone of Relationship Publishing – but it should be a prerequisite for any and all creative partnerships. The right PR team or publicist should solicit and welcome your questions, provide answers and listen to your responses, and above all, provide honest feedback.
  • NO-DRAMA DIGITAL: Modern authors already know that a strong, engaged online presence is an indispensable part of any publishing strategy. But if you lack the necessary digital fluency, you'll need platform management resources like those offered via ABB to survive, much less thrive, in today's marketplace.
  • FROM BOOK TO BRAND: Leveraging your investment as an author demands synergized marketing that goes beyond your book to encompass your business and/or personal brand. So make sure your publicist or publisher offers a "big picture" perspective and multi-media support.


  • GET A GOOD LOOK: Your unique story deserves an entirely original presentation. So don't settle for the repetitive, formulaic design that’s become the unfortunate "industry standard." Our solution – fully customized creative services for front-to-back packaging that's one-of-a-kind, just like your story. 
  • 360 SUPPORT: Now that authors finally have access to a lifeline they've long needed – a seamless solution for the complex PR challenges in publishing – it's time to tap into the advanced tools and services available. See how the industry paradigm has changed with ABB's 360-degree approach to distribution, design, branding, marketing, media, and digital strategy.
  • ALWAYS BE SELLING: An innovative yet hands-on approach to retailer saturation is imperative to successful author marketing in the current climate. Which is why we launched a national sales force and new interactive catalog in 2016 to further optimize exposure for our clients. 
  • ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING: With video now dominating the social media sphere among users in pivotal demographics, a solid book trailer or a short series is vital to your marketing. Begin planning your video strategy well before your release date, or secure a publicity partner like ABB that offers full-service content creation.


  • RIGHT TO WRITE: What's the real benefit of Relationship Publishing?  Authors retain their rights and keep all the profits. We credit our long-term marketplace advantage to a business model that gives clients complete control over their publications without having to resort to self-publishing. 
  • THE BEST IS NEVER LESS: You've heard it repeated countless times . . . "You get what you pay for." And the cliché is especially applicable to the publishing and PR industries. In other words, think twice before you fall for a company that claims to be able to produce your book for pennies and deliver it in the next 24 hours.
  • REJOICE, REVEL, & REMEMBER: Don't wait to celebrate! Writing a book is tough, so whether you've completed your manuscript or simply conquered a difficult chapter, take time to reflect on milestones big and small. Better yet, sign on with a publisher who'll be there to toast your accomplishments.

“Today, we can boast that our 'Relationship Publishing' concept has withstood the test of time. However, when Brown Books opened more than two decades ago, we had no idea that unprecedented innovation would soon disrupt our industry and most others. 

"It now seems fortuitous that we trademarked the phrase, A New Era in Publishing™, way back in 1994. We didn't know then that we'd be leading the charge for change 22 years later, but we're looking forward to ushering authors into the next 'new era!'"