Brown Books turns 22 this year, and we're ringing in our anniversary with revealing fanfare! Founded on the core principle of maximizing the financial gain for authors, our business is exploding at a time when traditional publishing continues to slow.

Why? Because putting authors first is the cornerstone of our "Relationship Publishing" business model. Now, we're taking you inside the industry with our guide to strategic essentials for building long-term partnerships and a loyal readership. 

We'll be sharing 22 secrets all authors need to succeed, straight from our founder and CEO Milli Brown, and we're rolling out our two-part series with 11 must-have tips for modern publishing.  Find out how writers and entrepreneurs can realize their creative vision - and maintain control over their publications - and stay tuned to learn the keys to supercharging your publicity and cross-promotion when we release our next installment on Thursday, February 11.


  • VITAL SIGNS: The most important qualities to look for in a publishing house? A team that prizes authors above all, and a company culture that prizes pioneers and challenges outdated industry traditions.

  • BOUND BY INDEPENDENCE: Choosing between a traditional or independent publisher is a pivotal decision for all authors. Do consult experts in the field before making your selection, and don't take costly shortcuts when conducting your research. If you're not sure where to begin, get started with a brief personal inventory.

  • GO BESPOKE: A reputable publisher or publicist should embrace your ethos - and be willing to customize a complementary to-market plan that's goal-oriented and anything but generic. From concept building to typesetting to the first book tour, The Agency at Brown Books specializes in strategies tailored for your book and brand - and you should expect the same level of support from your team. 

  • DISTRIBUTION, DONE DIFFERENTLY: To sell your book in an evolutionary era for technology and consumer behaviors, your publisher must embrace a nimble distribution model and eschew staid standards. At Brown Books, we spent 2015 implementing progressive platforms to reduce our clients' overhead, and this year, we expanded our enhancements with a new progressive facility.


  • GHOST-BOOSTERS: Many worthwhile, would-be authors aren't writers by trade. In fact, they're often executives, entrepreneurs, activists, creative geniuses, philanthropists, or multi-faceted leaders. That's why a truly great publisher will always champion strong ghostwriters, and it's why we've established relationships with the best in the business.

  • THE ULTIMATE OUTSOURCE: If you're an established professional or entrepreneur, you're likely an expert delegator, and when you're ready to write your book or memoir, you'd be wise to "outsource" the minutiae. Just make sure your publishing partner gives you editorial veterans and experienced media strategists to handle every step of the development process, from manuscript development to multi-platform launch campaigns to foreign rights.

  • SPEAK OUT: Underscoring our role as the "ultimate" outsourcing resource, Brown Books' network of speaker's bureaus and representatives makes it easy for authors to enhance awareness, and your publisher and/or PR partner should be equally equipped to help you pursue speaking opportunities and appearances that boost your visibility.


  • CHANNEL YOUR INNER CHILD: Have an exceptional idea for a children's book? Make sure your publisher knows the marketplace, or better yet, has a youth-oriented imprint like Brown Books Kids. 

  • SHARE YOUR FAITH: It's an honor to assist authors in sharing their beliefs, defining their message, and offering their wisdom to others. If you feel called to write a spiritually-focused title, it's important that you choose a team with experience in the unique segment, because a dedicated imprint such as Brown Christian Press can give you a significant advantage in faith-based distribution, marketing, and media.

  • COMMUNITY MATTERS: As a Dallas-based publisher, we revel in catering to our community. Accordingly, we created a Texas-focused division that supports and honors the Lone Star State. The takeaway?  Regardless of the industry or location, organizations that make an effort to be good neighbors are always more likely to make good partners, whether they specialize in publishing, party planning, or plumbing.

  • SECOND CHANCES: Seriously regretting your decision to self-publish? Stop stressing and apply for an Extreme Publishing Makeover instead. Because you're the reason Brown Books has an entire division dedicated to "fixing" titles for previously self-published authors.