“This couldn’t possibly be the Richard Bach,” thought Linda Greiner as she reread the heartfelt email. Elated by the moving praise for her work, the creator of the Sashi series sat in stunned disbelief and was compelled to reply in gratitude, no matter who would really be on the receiving end.


Greiner’s fortuitous response soon led to a meaningful correspondence that made one thing clear – she was indeed talking with the literary legend himself. Bach, one of America’s most iconic authors, has been well read worldwide with more than 60 million books sold, and legions of fans grew up with his bestsellers including Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.


However, his honest, humble exchange with Greiner revealed more about Bach’s character than his famous characters. Offering perspective on the writing process and expounding on the impact of Greiner’s books, Bach proved he’s a dog lover, a diverse reader, and an advocate for fellow authors. He even made a special effort to share his thanks for us as her publisher!


But the biggest surprise was yet to come. After confessing that he hadn’t officially endorsed a book in more than 30 years, Bach agreed to publicly offer his glowing commentary on the growing collection of Sashi titles. In Bach’s own words . . .

Not only are we unbelievably delighted by Bach and Greiner’s serendipitous connection, we’re now motivated to add another resolution to this year’s list. So we’re reframing a daunting modern adage with a new take on “See something, say something.”  Our fresh approach . . . If you see, read, hear, experience, or feel something great – say something! Because as any good publisher will tell you, well-chosen words can have a profound influence on someone else’s story.


Want proof? Bach’s encouragement for Greiner and passion for helping four- and two-legged friends inspired Milli Brown to pursue a lifelong business goal. That’s why Brown Books will be opening a publishing division just for pets – and the owners and authors who love them! Bearing the name of Milli’s own rescue dog, RADO’S Press – an acronym for Rescue Animals Deserve Our Support – will officially launch in early 2017. Stay tuned to find out how we’ll be supporting animals in need through new titles, good reads, and great organizations.